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Santa Fe Thailand Human Resource Workshops

Santa Fe Thailand has begun sponsoring and presenting a quarterly workshop for Human Resource professionals. The first, entitled "Being an HR Business Partner", was a resounding success, with 40 HR professionals from 28 companies attending from such companies as Nokia, Roche, ABN AMRO and General Motors. In the first session, our facilitator The Cape Group, gave an overview of the HR industry and the importance for HR professionals to move into the role of strategic business partner, becoming an integral part of the management team as opposed to the traditional role of administrator. The Cape Group then drilled down to the necessary skills and tools that are needed to "validate" HR's evolution into to that role, stressing the importance of HR metrics and outsourcing of time consuming administrative tasks.

The feedback from the participants was positive. Some of the companies have already started this process while others were thinking about or talking about moving in this direction.

Following on the theme of becoming a strategic business partner, the next session being held in June, is designed to provide in-depth look at how to select, implement and evaluate HR metrics. We expect over 60 participants to this session.

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